Next Steps receives funding to continue the study at age 25

20-somethings-park-1278x764pxA new home has been found for Next Steps, one of the most important studies of your generation in the world.

Next Steps is now managed by the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS), based at the UCL Institute of Education. It is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

Next Steps was started by the Department for Education in 2004 when you were 14 years old. You were surveyed every year until you were age 20. The next survey is scheduled for 2015 when you will be 25.

The study originally looked at the factors affecting your transition from school to university, training and employment. Now that you’re adults, we would like to learn more about your work, health, families and other aspects of your lives.

“Next Steps has been a vital source of evidence on how circumstances in the teenage years affect educational outcomes,” said Lisa Calderwood, Director of the study. “It has also provided invaluable insight into the generation that entered the labour market during the most recent recession. We are thrilled to be given the chance to extend this important study through the adult years.”

Professor Chris Husbands, Director of the IOE, said: “The IOE already houses three world-renowned British cohort studies: the 1958, 1970 and millennium cohort studies. We are delighted to be adding the prestigious Next Steps to this collection – these studies are hugely important in understanding modern Britain. We are also grateful to the ESRC for continuing to invest in this type of research.”