Age 25 Survey

The Age 25 Survey took place in 2015 and 2016, with a total of 7,707 of you taking part. It has helped to give us a valuable insight into the lives of young adults today.


When you were 25:

  • Over two thirds of you were employed full-time.
  • 15% of you were professionals, such as teachers, scientists, accountants or lawyers.
  • 56% of you said you had little to no interest in politics.
  • 59% of you felt your opportunities in life had improved compared to those of their parents.
  • 88% of you rated your health as excellent, good or very good.

Why age 25?

Age 25 is a big milestone in many people’s lives. A lot of 25-year-olds are faced with big decisions – be it about their careers, housing, families or finances. Following up with you at this age helps us to understand how your experiences as teenagers affect your lives as young adults, and evaluate the success of policies aimed at this group of adults.

What did we ask you?

At age 25 we asked you to take part in online, telephone and face-to-face questionnaires. What we asked you on this survey was broadened slightly away from our original focus on education. The survey included questions covering housing, employment, finance, education and job training, health and wellbeing, identity and participation.

What other information did we look at?

As part of the age 25 survey, we asked for your permission to add information from a number of administrative records. Adding these records helps researchers to learn more about your generation, and to build a more complete picture of what life is like for you.