Age 32 Survey

The Age 32 Survey is now underway. We’ll be inviting you in phases, so some of you won’t receive your invitation until next year.

At first we’ll be asking study members to take part online. But if we don’t hear from you, we will also try contacting you to ask whether you’d like to take part in person, via video call or by telephone.


What will we ask?

We would like to find out what your life is like now, and how things have changed for you over the past few years. We will ask you about your family and relationships, housing, employment and income, education, health and wellbeing, identity and attitudes, childhood and other life events.

We have asked you some of the questions before.  It’s important we ask these again to see how your experiences and circumstances change over time. Some questions are new and will ask you to reflect on your life during the unprecedented times of the pandemic.

We will ask your permission to add some information about you from administrative records (if you haven’t given these permissions previously).  If you live with a partner, we will ask their permission to add some information about them too.

We will also ask you to give a saliva sample from which we will extract DNA for genetic research.

The survey should take around 60 minutes to complete, but it can be slightly quicker or longer depending on your circumstances.

To thank you for taking part, we’ll send you a voucher which you can spend in a wide variety of shops, either online or in stores.

More information

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