Age 32 Survey

Age 32 Survey

The Age 32 Survey is now completed. Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey. We really appreciate your contribution.

What did we ask?

We wanted to find out what your life is like now, and how things have changed for you over the past few years. We asked about your family and relationships, housing, employment and income, education, health and wellbeing, identity and attitudes, childhood and other life events.

We have asked you some of these questions in previous surveys.  It’s important we ask these again to see how your experiences and circumstances change over time. Some questions were new and asked you to reflect on your life during the unprecedented times of the pandemic.

We asked your permission to add some information about you from administrative records (if you hadn’t given these permissions previously).

We also asked you to give us a saliva sample so we can analyse your DNA for research.

The survey would have taken around 60 minutes to complete, but it could have been slightly quicker or longer depending on your circumstances.

Thank you for taking part!

More information

We need your help – Age 32 Survey booklet

Adding information from your administrative records – Age 32 Survey booklet

Why should I give a saliva sample? – Age 32 Survey booklet


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