Next Steps annual update 2018

Over the next few days, you and your fellow Next Steps study members will receive your copy of our annual study update. Next Steps is following the lives of people in England born in 1989-90. It is one of the biggest and most important studies of your generation anywhere in the world.

This year’s mailing offers you the chance to read up on all the latest findings from research that has used information you have given to Next Steps for the Age 25 survey.

What’s in the 2018 update?

This year’s update covers the following:

  • the link between young people’s GCSE subject choice and their future education and career
  • how zero-hours contracts may be bad for your mental and physical health
  • the connection between sleep and rates of obesity

You can read the full stories of these findings in your copy of the 2018 study update or take a look at the online version in our resources page.

Update your contact details

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