Why are Next Steps study members so special?

Life for your generation is different to the lives of your parents and grandparents and to the lives of younger generations. So, we follow your lives to understand and learn from your special generation.

The world around you has been changing fast. You’re the last generation to remember life without broadband, tablets and mobile phones. And since you were born, scientists have mapped the human genome, there have been space missions to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and gay couples can now adopt, marry and share pensions in the UK.

While your generation has grown up at a time of great technological, scientific and social advancement there have also been great challenges, like the global economic recession, climate change and international security. We want to know what this means for your generation who are in the process of finding work, somewhere to live, and possibly starting a family of your own?

You’ve been specially chosen to be the voice of your generation. You are one of 16,000 people selected to represent your generation. Each and every one of you brings something unique to the study, and together, you represent the diversity of the Next Steps generation. That’s why it’s so important that people from all different sorts of backgrounds continue to take part in the study. Without you, we don’t hear the whole story and the picture is not complete.

To learn more about why the study was started, visit the ‘History of the study’ page.