How do you keep my data secure?

We go to great lengths to maintain your privacy. We respect that you have voluntarily given information to us on the basis that we protect your rights. We keep any information which could identify you in a secure location.

At the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS), the study data is managed by two different teams, all of whom have signed strict confidentiality contracts and can only access this information for limited purposes. One team deals with your personal contact information to make sure we are able to stay in touch with you. The other manages all the other information you provide in the survey. Neither team has access to both.

The organisations which carry out the surveys are also contractually bound by very strict confidentiality and data security agreements.

The collected survey responses are made available to the research community through the data stores used by CLS. This research data does not contain any personal details that are identifiable at individual level. The data is only made available to researchers who register with the relevant data store, and they must work under a strict licence agreement. No-one using the data will know who the information has come from, or who is in the study.